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Nursing Management

Limor Sheiman    :   Head Nurse

Esther Peer Bar-Yosef   : Deputy Head Nurse

Secretariat : Oshra Moyal

Telephone : 972-8-6745800

Fax : 972-6732342

E-mail oshram@barzi.health.gov.il 

Clinical Supervisors: 

Esther Peer Bar-Yosef, Limor Shaiman, Yossi Blaer, Dalia Katz, Rachel Shweitzer, Yehudit Hadar 

General Nurses 

Eliz Mordokevitz, Shosh Sela, Julie Praim, Revital Salimi, Sharlin Gilat 

Field Coordinator Nurses

Yossi Blaer  Medical Equipment Evaluation
Esther Peer Bar-Yosef Quality Control 
Yehudit Hadar Continuing Nursing Education
Infection Control
Rachel Shweitzer Clinical Software, Patient Transportation, and National Service
Limor Shaiman

Disaster and Emergency 







 Coordinator Nurses 

Meirav Hassan Prostate Cancer
Linda Faraj Diabetes
Vered Goldshlager  Breast Cancer






Departmental Head Nurses

Delivery Room

Anat Elyasi
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Batya Dahan
General Intensive Care Unit Avraham Peretz
Intensive Coronary Care Unit Rachel Gabso
Urology Aviva Pesler
Orthopedics Shoshana Reshef
Geriatrics Tiqva Elisha
General and Vascular Surgery Avital Sayag
Emergency Medicine Lihi Bekerman
Internal Medicine A Sandra Abutbul
Internal Medicine B Rina Rahamim
Internal Medicine C Esther Gueta
Internal Medicine D Esther Akrish
Neurology Baniel Sima
Psychiatry Moshe Rotstein
Obstetrics Yosefa Gabai
Gynecology Sonia Malk

Galit Amouzayig

ENT and Ophthalmology Dalia Levy
















Head Nurses of Outpatient Clinics and Supplementary Services

Sterile Supply Unit Yehudit Kamintzki
Surgical Day Care Edna Buchnik
Medical Day Care Esther Meir
Operating Theatre Rachel Ashkenazi
Oncology Unit Mazal Amoyal
Nephrology and Dialysis Unit Mazal Azoulay
Outpatient Clinics Vered Goldshlager







Modern Nursing Work 

The modern nursing work is a central intersection and a connecting segment in the interaction between the patient and those involved in treating him.  

The nurse is in charge of planning and coordinating the treatment in a defined population of patients and their families together with all the treating individuals involved. The nurse is responsible to ensure continuing and comprehensive treatment while maintaining regular follow up, supervision, and control in all stages of the treatment until the expected results are achieved, through the highest quality treatment and maximal efficiency. 

·         The nursing staff will operate out of current knowledge, while adhering to nursing acts and regulations, as well as to the regulations and directives of the Ministry of Health and the local regulations of the Medical Center. 

·         The nursing staff is devoted to the Elementary Law of Human Dignity and Liberty, and to the Patient Rights Law, and strives continually for improving the quality of service and professionalism. 

·         The nursing staff will ensure the creation of a respectful, trustful, and accepting environment. 

·         The nursing staff will ensure a fair relationship, that is based upon trust and friendship between the nursing personnel and their colleagues. 


We believe in the patient's right to: 

·         Receive high quality and professional treatment 

·         Receive fair and equal attitude 

·         Receive comprehensive and current information 

·         Maintain the dignity of the patient, and his privacy and secrecy 


Fields of activity of the Nursing Management 

·         Setting the nursing policy in the Medical Center according to the regulations and directives of the Ministry of Health and the local regulations of the hospital. 

·         Planning and carrying work plans in order to advance professional and quality level standards. 

·         To plan, recruit, select, and position the nursing personnel according to professional, quality, and quantity standards. 

·         Developing a team- planning and executing plans for developing teams in different levels and in clinical and managerial aspects. 

·         Planning, identifying and developing managerial reserve. 

·         Continuing operation of the nursing array in the medical center, including an effective problem solving process while making efficient use of the resources. 

·         Participating in the multi-disciplinary committees of the Medical Center. 

·         Preparing the nursing array for emergency times, mass-casualty events, and mass toxicological events, according to the drills of the Medical Center, the Emergency Department of the Ministry of Health and the IDF authorities. 

·         Maintaining work relations with colleagues at the Medical Center. 

·         Maintaining work relations with parties outside the hospital. 

·         Encouraging and supporting the nursing teams to take part in national committees, professional organizations, and professional conventions. 

·         Advancing the quality of service through continuous improvement of work processes, in order to give safe nursing care while maintaining an organizational culture that encourages reporting  errors and learning from errors. 

·         Advancing quality while assimilating the Patient Rights Law and supervising its implementation. 


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