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Head of the Department    דניאלה עמיטל, מנהלת המחלקה לבריאות הנפש בבית החולים ברזילי (צילום: דוברות בית החולים ברזילי)

Dr. Amital Daniela     


Deputy Head of the department

Dr. Mirojnick Natali


Head Nurse

Berzovsky Ilana

Tel 982-8-6745399


Chief Psychologist

Dr. Maneshko Tshachmer Shani



Jano Ayelet

Hagay Galit

 972-8-6745103 / 6745205     972-8-6745255

Mail:  [email protected]



End of the main corridor in building 400


Visit Hours



Senior psychiatrists

Dr. Belgorodesky Andree – Head of the psychology services


Main activities of the psychiatry department

The psychiatry department is an open one where the patients can walk out of the department but not out of the hospital. Each patient in all the departments of the hospital has a brace on his wrist with his name and the name of the department If the patient tries to leave the hospital, the guard at the exit of the hospital will stop him.


There are 30 beds in the psychiatry department. Patients over 18 years of age may be admitted from the community, from the emergency department, from the different hospital departments and sometimes by a warrant from the district psychiatrist.

Treatment of patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses, (neurosis, psychosis, disorders of behavior and others), is done by a multi-professional team. This team takes into consideration the physical, psychological and social aspects of their life, a bio-psycho-social model.


The team of the department is responsible for running three outpatient psychiatric clinics: one is the hospital outpatient psychiatric clinic, the second is in Sderot city and the third is in Kiryat Gat city. Sderot is one of the most bombed cities in the south of Israel and many of the patients treated in the clinic at Sderot suffer from anxiety and posttraumatic disorders.


Electroconvulsive Therapy

Few psychiatric departments perform electroconvulsive therapy to treat depression. The psychiatric department at the Barzilai medical center is one of them. The department of Psychiatry at the Barzilai medical center is the only referral center in the south of Israel for ECT.

Electroconvulsive Images – Browse 98 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video |  Adobe Stock


Electroconvulsive therapy may be done for outpatients or hospitalized patients. It is done in the psychiatric daycare unit under short general anesthesia by a team of psychiatrist, anesthesiologist and a nurse. Cardiac and respiratory monitoring is mandatory during the ECT. After the procedure, the patient remains few hours for further observation before releasing him home or back to the department.


The Therapeutic Greenhouse



Therapeutic gardening is one of the methods used to strengthen the relationship with the patients. It helps to remove obstacles and to achieve patient cooperation. The therapeutic greenhouse is a unique project in only few hospitals in Israel. It was constructed with the keen help of the Council for the Beautiful Land of Israel and today it serves ambulatory and hospitalized patients form all ages.


Eating Disorders Unit

The eating disorder unit is one of few units in Israel that deals with such disorder. It is an ambulatory based unit. Patients who need to be treated inside a hospital are directed to other hospitals.

For an appointment, please contact the secretary

Gutman Lora


[email protected]      972-8-6663300


Academic Activity

  • The psychiatric department at the Barzilai medical center is recognized by the Israel Medical
  • Association for full specialty in psychiatry.
  • The psychiatric department at the Barzilai medical center is affiliated to the faculty of Health Sciences at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
  • The academic activity in the department includes twice-a-month seminars held by junior physicians of the department.
  • Being affiliated to the University, the department receives medical students for a short period of teaching.


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