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Committees and Units

Patient's Rights Committee


Head of the Patient's Rights Committee


Advocate Golan David

 972-8-6745765   972-8-6732342                          

Aims of the Committee

The Patient's Rights Committee was established according the the Patient's Rights Law in order to assimilate the issue of patient's rights among the employee's and to deal with questions and complaints on these matters. The committee placed posters of the decleration of the patient's rights in all the departments and outpatient clinics and folders at each nurse desk which assembles all the regulations and directives of the Ministry of Health regarding patient's rights. In addition, the committee acts to raise the awareness among the caregiver population regarding the issue of assigning a legal proxy by the patients through departmental advertisements. The publicizing of this issue brought to a gradual increase in the requests of patients to assign a legal proxy. The Ministry of Health held throughout 2004 a national patient's rights survey in all the medical centers in Israel, and the Barzilai Medical Center won higher grades than the national average.


For the main points of the patient's rights and obligations



Prevention of Domestic Violence Committee

Head of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Committee


Kawfer Chany - Head of the social work department


Aims of the Committee                 

Preventing domestic violence is always on the agenda of the Barzilai Medical Center's management, and the hospital is leading the hospital community in awareness and reports to the Ministry of Health.

The Prevention of Domestic Violence Committee acts in the following areas:

  • Identifying battered woman in the Department for Emergency Medicine and other departments.

  • Identifying battered minors, and minors under high risk of domestic violence in the Department for Emergency Medicine and in the pediatrics, orthopedics and surgery departments.

  • Identifying battered elderly and elderly under high risk of domestic violence in the Department for Emergency Medicine and  other departments.

  • Setting treatment guidelines for women who suffered sexual assault

  • Setting treatment guidelines for battered minors and minors under high risk of domestic violence while maintaining regular contact with welfare authorities

The committee holds departmental seminars to raise the awareness among the employees. In addition, th committee has hanged posters all over the hospital note-boards and distributed informational pamphlets for patients with contact telephone number for consultation.

Infection Control Committee

Head of the Infection Control Committee

Prof Ma'yan Shlomo


Epidemiology Supervisor Nurse




Aims of the Committee                           

The aims of the Infection Control Committee is to undertake measure to stop the spread of infection in the hospital departments while assimilating the appropriate knowledge to the medical staff, setting procedures for the treatment of antibiotic resistant bacteria, determining the appropriate approach and procedures for treating patients with infectious diseases, for quarantine, follow up on acquired infections in the hospital and infections after procedures.

Emergency and Disaster Committee

Head of Emergency and Disaster Committee

Dr. Lobel Ron


Committee Secretary                    
Sarit Itach
972-8-6745600      972-8-6732342


Members of the Emegency and Disaster Committee


Dr. Mostovoy Suzanan - Deputy Director of the Hospital

Maymon Nimi - Administrative Deputy Director

Haken Lotem - Emergency Department Nurse

Shaoul Orly


Aims of the Committee

  • Prepare the medical center and staff to absorb and treat casualties from mass-casualty events in peace and wartime.

  • Prepare the medical center and staff to absorb and treat casualties from toxicological mass-casualty events in peace and wartime.

  • Prepare the medical center and the staff to absorb and treat casualties of the avian flu and other infectious and biological agents in peace and wartime.

  • Prepare action plans and drills for the different scenarios.

  • Periodical inspection for functionality and intactness of the medical and other equipment for emergencies and disasters.

  • Quarterly control of the emergency calling up system.

  • Periodical meetings with the different teams of the hospital for refreshing and updating their knowledge in emergency and disaster situations.

  • Perform annual and bi-annual drills under the supervision of the Emergency Department of the Ministry of Health and the Home Front Command of the IDF.

  • Serve as supervisors of drills in other hospitals in Israel.

  • Observe and learn from drills conducted in other hospitals

Click here to view pictures from real events and drills 

Risk Management and Patient Safety Unit

Unit secretary
Dahan Lior       

  972-8-6745765      972-8-6732342

Aims of the Committee

The committee has been founded in order to advance the quality in the hospital in all aspects of administration, paramedical, nursing and medical fields, to manage risks before their incidence and to learn lessons from the events. The unit members include 3 senior physicians, one senior nurse and and industry and management engineer.

The activities of the committee are diverse. The committee members view the center employees as an important pool of knowledge and ideas for improving the quality and thus began to encourage the submission of improvement proposals. In addition, the unit issues a patient safety newsletter that deals with process improvement, prevention of medicine errors and various warnings in using drugs and different equipment. This newsletter is distributed to the Ministry of Health and all the hospitals in Israel.  

Ethics Committee for Patient's Rights


Aims of the Committee       

The Ethics Committee for Patient's Rights was founded according to the Patient's Rights Law. The  members of the committee include senior physicians and social workers from within the hospital, a lawyer from outside, and representatives of the public. The committee, as defined in the Patient's Rights Law, assembles ad-hoc according to the demand of the head of a department or the director of the hospital, and discusses the problematic issue of giving medical care to a patient against his will or the custodian's will, and non-disclosure of information that might harm the patient. The committee does not deal with medical emergencies or life-saving interventions, since there are clear and defined  regulations for these situations.

Institutional Review Board (Ethics Committee)

Committee Coordinator                 
Michelle Malka  972-8-6746369  [email protected]

Amar Keren        972-8-6745550  [email protected] 


Aims of the Committee

The Barzilai Medical Center is affiliated to the Faculty of Health Science at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Being a university hospital, physicians conduct many researches in the various fields of medicine including clinical researches, observations, surveys and basic research. The aim of the Institutional Review Board (Ethics Committee) is to review and examine the proposed researches from the points of view of the patient's benefit, his safety and his rights. The committee gathers once in a month and a half on average and discusses the submitted research proposals, apporve requests for extension of research date, read reports on adverse events which had occurred in researches Israel and abroad and authorizes new experiments according to the International Helsinki Directives. Some of the committee members have taken part in the international course of "Good Clinical Practice" (GCP) and the other members are to take part in future ones. The hospital has its internal comptroller body whose role is to perform ongoing control over the experiments authorized by the Ethics Committee according to universal standards.


Public Affairs Committee


  972-8-6745766   972-8-6745838  [email protected]


The public affairs committee sees our patients and families as partners of the institutional work in order to improve and develop the medical center. We respect requests aimed to improve the serivce, patients' impressions about their stay in the hospital departments, informatiion about accidental events during their stay, and any other issues that bothered the patients and their families during the hospitalization period.

The deputy director of the hospital, the head nurse of the hospital and the spokeswoman will examine and answer every request and complaint.


Abortion Committee


The institutional abortion committee is a legal committee that works under the supervison of the Ministry of Health The members of the abortion committee meet three times a week and meet pregnant women who are referred for abortion for serious medical reasons, pregnancy following rape and other serious health problems of the pregnant woman. The committee reprots annually to the Minister about its activity including the number of the pregnant women who were seen, the number of approved legal abortion requests including the reasons for the approval, and the number of the disapproved requests of abortion.  

The committee is includes three persons: a senior gynecologist, deputy director of the hospital and a social worker.

The committee works under strict confidentiality.

Before the beginning of the interview, every woman receives a booklet that contains explanation of all the rights and the different methods of abortion. The booklet is prepared by the infrastructure and technology administration of the Ministry of Health.


Hospital Forms Committee


Head of the Hospital Forms Committee

Dr. A'mmiel Daniela


The aim of the committee is to unify all the forms of the hospital, to suggest new forms, to digitize forms and perform quality control of those forms.



Drugs Committee


Head of the Drugs Committee

Prof Levy Hezi - CEO and Head of the medical center


Coordinator of the committee

Mgr Aflaloo Shachar - Head of the pharmaceutical services




Senior physicians who wish to include a new drug, instead or in addition, to the drug inventar of the hospital, must first prepare hard docmuments that prove the necessity of the drug, the estimated use of the drug and an evaluation of the cost of the drug. The senior physician will be called to a meeting with the drugs committee members and presents his request. Other professional physicians are invited to the committee and all together discuss the physician's request and decide whether to accept or to reject his request.

The committee deals also with rational antibiotic use in the differnet departments of the hospital and recommends new recommendations for their use.


  Revidim train accident 2005
  Train accident 2005
  Toxicologic event Sede Yziyahu 2005
  Avian flu event, 2006 Sede Moshe
  Mass toxicologic event drill 2004
  Mass casaulty event drill 2005
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