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Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

The Hallenberg Center

 המכון לשיקום לב

Head of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Institute

Dr. Dimitri Nemik


Cardiologist in charge

Dr. Namik Dimitri


Head Nurse

Ammar Tal


Exercise physiologist and in charge of the rehabilitation program

 Kastel Tsur

 972-53-7678145  [email protected]


Stress Physiologist

Cohen Eitay

Daniel Michael


Fitness coach

Iberman Alex

Shein Pninit

Ilrov Boris

Hammer Keyly

Omrad Or

Plachi Shir




Dr. Kuznitz Tatiana                                            

Dr. Osterer Alexander



Shukani Raya [email protected]

Korem Adi

053-7678721   972-8-6663626   



Working hours

Days Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu 07:00-16:00

Days Tue, Fri 07:00-13:00



Rehabilitation Center – West entrance – Sea Road


About the rehabilitation center


Cardiac rehabilitation is intended to help patients return to their normal daily activities at work and at home while instilling proper lifestyle habits.

The rehabilitation center is a well-designed center with the most modern fitness equipment and machines, and serves the citizens of the southern area of Israel. Patients get one year of rehabilitation covered financially by the HMOs. The program includes twice a week exercise under the supervision of a cardiologist, nurse, exercise physiologist and fitness coach.

Monitors and a cardiac defibrillator are the standard of care in the center.

The equipment is suited for aerobic activity and development of muscular tolerance. On sunny days, the exercises are held on the beach.

In addition to the physical activities, patients get lectures on healthy diet and daily activities with emphasis on personal and professional attention.


First Reception day



The first reception day includes:

  • Reception at the secretary desk
  • Physical examination
  • A tour around the center
  • Personal schedule of training


Documents needed

  • HMO financial funding
  • Medical documents including history and medications, resting ECG, stress test, resting echocardiograph
  • Referral letter from the family physician and cardiologist
  • Blood tests and for patients with lung disease, a letter from the pulmonologist, lung function tests with mention of need for oxygen while exercising.



Free of charge.


Who needs cardiac rehabilitation?


  • Patients with stable heart and vascular disease
  • Patients with valvular disease and cardiomyopathy
  • Patients who had recent myocardial infarction
  • Patients with heart failure
  • Patients after heart surgery, coronary intervention and cardiac transplantation
  • Patients with inborn heart defects
  • Patients with cardiovascular risk factors


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