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Hematology Institute

The Hematology Institute named after the late Professor Yosef Michaeli


Head of the Hematology Institute and the coagulation unit    מכון  המטולוגי

Dr. Nemez Anatoly


Senior Physicians

Dr. Evrutin Alex – specialty in Internal Medicine and Hematology

Dr. Bolgin Tatiana – Researcher in Hematology

Dr. Barshay Yosef - Head of Blood Bank


Head Nurse

Taktook Yona


  Nurse Station   972-8-6745821


Social Worker

Livshitz Sofi


Medical Secretary

Moshe Shir

Shkolnik Rada



Outpatient Building – ground floor

The institute is open days Sun-Thu 08:00-15:00


  972-8-6745795     972-8-6745490  [email protected]


 For Appointment            972-8-6663327


Referral to the Hematology institute may be made by:


Family physician

HMO hematologist

Emergency medicine department

Senior physician of one of the departments of the medical center


Main Activity of the Hematology Institute


  • Diverse diseases of the blood system: anemia, B12 deficiency and others
  • Blood diseases during pregnancy
  • Blood coagulation and anticoagulation, hypercoagulability, bleeding disorders and other blood dyscrasias
  • Hemato-Oncology : Blood Malignancies: lymphoma. Leukemia, multiple myeloma, and others


Services provided by the Hematology Institute


  • Blood transfusions
  • Iron and immunoglobulin infusions, plasmapheresis
  • Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and biological drug therapy
  • Bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow transplantation
  • Symptomatic treatment of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and others
  • Follow up of pregnant women with coagulation disorders
  • Follow up of patients treated with anticoagulants

Treatment at the Hematology Institute


Each patient is assigned to one senior hematologist who is responsible for the program of treatment.

During every appointment, one nurse will be assigned for the nursing treatment.

Every patient gets breakfast and lunch.


Hospitalization of patients of the Hematology institute


Patients treated at the hematology institute who need in-hospital treatment will be admitted to the hemato-oncology unit on the 5th floor inside the Internal Medicine department C. There are 2 isolation rooms for 4 patients built according to the standard of the Ministry of Health for isolation rooms.


Other available services for patients of the hematology institute patients:







Other services related to the hematology institute:


Hematology laboratory                                                    Blood bank                             



Research and publications


Physicians of the hematology unit are involved in many national and international research programs, some of them are in cooperation with the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Weizman institute in Rehovot.


Eighty articles from the hematology unit of the Barzilai medical center have been published until now in the most prestigious medical journals:

  • American journal of medicine
  • American journal of hematology
  • New England journal of medicine
  • Annals of hematology
  • Lymphoma and Leukemia journal
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