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Genetic Institute

Head of the institute

Dr. Cohen Lior – Pediatrician and medical genetics


Head nurse

David Bat Sheva


Important notice

In light of the security situation, the staff of the genetic institute will accept only the following urgent cases and according to medical considerations:

1. Pregnant women with abnormal findings in placental roots, amniotic fluid and women over 33 years of age at pregnancy. Amniotic fluid aspiration will be concentrated on one day after genetic consultation.

2. Patients with malignancies for genetic checkup.

3. Deliver abnormal results to patients who had the consultation at the institution.

4. Patients with hematologic malignancies for bone marrow examination.


Phone calls will be partially answered but questions and inquiries sent by mail to: [email protected] will be answered after applying a signed consent form for digital medical services and a copy of the identity card or a biometric card from both sides.


In order to be able to give a professional consultation, it is important to send all the relevant medical papers along with HMO commitment form for genetic consultation, code L9241, if pregnant, or code L9243 for onco-genetic consultation.


Required documents:


1. For pregnancy: referral paper, results of biochemical tests, result of ultrasonography, results of carrier survey according to origin of birth, blood type and family documents of congenital diseases.

2. For patients with malignancies: referral document with result of biopsies


We shall do our best to send new appointments to all the patients whose appointments were canceled as soon as we return to normal work. 




Outpatient clinics building – 3rd floor



Senior physicians

Prof. Appelman Zvi – gynecologist and medical genetics


Genetic Consultants

Levy-Alperin Michal MSc

Misha'an-Montifiori Shir MSc – registered consultant

Arava Noa' –MSc – resident



Jano Avital

Marzook Sigal


Laboratory staff

Gobozov Rima – MSc – head of the laboratory

Gahassi Dana – BSc

Turjeman Ruth – MSc

Belmassof Anna – MSc – volunteer


     972-8-6663306  days Sun-Wed 08:30-12:30     972-8-6745456


  [email protected]



Genetic survey will be done on appointment


Pediatric Consultation days Sun and Tue


Onco-genetic Consultation / Pre-labor Consultation days Sun and Wed


Adults clinic days Sun and Tue


Services of the genetic institute

  • Genetic consultation and providing information to the couple who is preparing to raise a family including the various genetic tests.
  • Genetic consultation for carriers of a genetic disease detected during the regular survey.
  • Genetic consultation for a history of a genetic and/or hereditary disease.
  • Genetic consultation when there are risk factors for a genetic syndrome such as the age of the woman, marriage with a family relative, drugs that may affect the fetus and other environmental factors.
  • Genetic consultation in case of fertility problems and frequent spontaneous abortions.
  • Consultation for abnormal results during regular pregnancy checkup, like abnormal biochemical survey, abnormal findings on fetal ultrasound, abnormal results of amniotic fluid or chorionic villous sampling and abnormal finding a genetic chip test.
  • Onco-genetic consultation in case of a malignant disease in the family.
  • Genetic consultation for adults in case of a genetic neurological disease, FMF, muscular dystrophy and other congenital disease.
  • Genetic consultation for children in case of developmental retardation or a suspected congenital disease.
  • Specialized clinic for diseases of the skeleton.
  • Consultation for genetic endocrine diseases.


In order to set an appointment:

Send the letter for consultation

For pediatric consultation, bring the relevant documents

For pre-labor clinic, bring the whole follow up file including all the relevant documents.




מחירון שרותים וקודים שכיחים:                   ייעוץ גנטי ילדים                         מרפאת מבוגרים


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  ייעוץ גנטי                           


  The Onco-Genetic Clinic                     The Osteo-Chondro Dysplasia Clinic





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  Genetic Clinic of the elderly
  Pediatric Genetic Clinic
  The Onco-genetic clinic
  The osteo-chondro dysplasia clinic
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