Barzilai Medical Center
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Center for the Child and the Adolescent

Head of the Center

Dr. Bachtinsky Yelena


Head of Daycare                          

Dr. Spector Chedva


Social Workers

Shoshani A'di

Sela' Gal



Gueta'a Miriam




 [email protected]        



Entrance from Hahistadrout St. 2




The center is an ambulatory service where children and adolescents aging 5-18 years with diverse psychological, emotional and behavioral are admitted for treatment. Children and adolescents who need intensive treatment or hospitalization are referred to other hospitals. Treatment includes psychological interventions, teaching parents to deal with different situations, art therapy, drama therapy, group therapy for the children and parents, and other techniques of therapy.

The staff is also involved in treating children and adolescents admitted to the Barzilai hospital for different reasons especially following rockets bombing.

There is a continuous interaction and exchange of information between the medical staff of the center and the welfare bureau, the educational institutions, and the ambulatory clinics of the HMOs.

The daycare center offers educational services through the Shaked educational center in order to offer the child a continuous study framework.


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