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Child Development Center

Head of the Child Development Center

Dr. Eden Abraham


Head Nurse

Avissour Tami       


Developmental Psychologist

Avital Miri


Occupational Therapist

Tal Hanna


Communication Clinician

Lubrani Inbal



Bourshtein Shimshon



Chouri Hila


Mail [email protected]



Temporarily: Building No 100 2nd floor – Children Daycare


For appointment:   972-50-5044210


Working hours

Sun – Thurs 08:00-16:00




The mission of staff of the child development center is to diagnose and treat the development disorder of the child. Development disorders include:

  • Sensory problems
  • Motor disturbances
  • Language difficulties
  • Mental retardation
  • Social interaction
  • Autism
  • Perception disorders


Development disorders may be diagnosed immediately after birth but sometimes the diagnosis is delayed until the age of 5 years. We have a team from multiple professions: neurology, psychiatry, social worker, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and hearing therapy and individualized education. All work together and finally the family receives a recommendation for continuing treatment in the hospital or in the community.


Special services:


♦ Library for lending books and games specialized for children with special needs and their

   families. Retired volunteers with an educational background run the library.

♦ "From risk to opportunity" program: Integration of children with special needs in regular

   child daycare. A team of tutoring and health professionals runs this program.

♦ Special clinic for eating disorders of organic and emotional basis. A multi-professional

   team run this clinic.

♦ Group therapy for parents of children with attention and concentration disorder (ADHD).

♦ Group preparation for children with mild learning difficulties ready for the first class


♦ Graphomotor group for children with difficulties in the graphomotor field.

♦ Group for children with language difficulties.


The team of the child development center works side by side with the HMO physicians, the welfare service, the educational psychological service and the parent association.


Academic Activity


Students of medicine, psychology, occupational therapy and clinical communication therapy spend their clinical rounds in the center, and hear lectures from the team of the child development center. 

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