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Oncology Institute

Head of the Institute

Dr. Peles Sharon


Head Nurse     

Ezra Liron


Senior Physicians

Prof Shefer Moshe

Prof Ben Yosef Rami

Dr. Charkovsky Tatiana


Chemotherapy Nurse

Ossifchuk Irena


Social Worker

Libshitz Sofia

Machloof Sara



Rosenberg Rachel

 972-8-6745378   972-8-6746141  



Building 503


Working Hours

Sun-Thurs 07:30-16:00




The oncology institute was founded 25 years ago and served thousands of patients. At the beginning, it was a small institute, but during the last few years it was translocated to its present place. Today, the oncology institute is a daycare institute, with a large space for treatment.


Patients may choose to receive their intravenous drugs while lying on an armchair with a recliner or in a comfortable bed while watching television or getting cosmetic / beauty therapy, such as nail polish, face peel, reflexology and others.


The oncology institute was recognized by the Israel Scientific Council for residency, and we have one physician who started his residency at the institute. All three certified senior oncologists are trained in radiotherapy.


The nursing staff is composed of three certified nurses in oncology. They are well trained in delivering intravenous drugs, blood infusions, immunotherapy and narcotics upon need.

Beside the medical team, patients receive professional support from psychologists, clinical dietician and social workers.


We treat all types of malignant tumors with all types of treatment: chemotherapy, radioactive therapy, immunotherapy, biological drugs, hormonal therapy and radiotherapy, along with pain management.  

Families are encouraged to be involved in the treatment plan and receive continuous psychological support.


Academic Activity


u The oncology institute is affiliated to the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and is involved in many national and international researches. The oncology institute at the Barzilai medical center is one of two oncology institutes from Israel that are involved with the European European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).

u The medical team is involved in giving lectures in the nursing school.

u Local and regional conferences for the medical staff of the HMOs.

u Local and regional conferences for the citizens on health issues such as dangers of smoking and routine self-examination of the breast.



Special Services at the Oncology Institute


v  Pain therapy, symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting following chemotherapy.

v  Nutritional consultation

v  Home visit of the social workers of the institute to ensure that the patient is getting all the services from the community. This service is unique to the oncology institute at the Barzilai medical center.  

v  "Looking good – Feeling good" project: Patients receive esthetic and cosmetic treatment while being treated. Such treatment relieves the stress of the patients and gives them a drive to keep coping with the disease.  

v  Chi Gong exercise: The malignant disease and the chemotherapy cause weakness and fatigue. Physical exercise may help to get over the weakness and fatigue but many patients will find it difficult to do these exercises. Chi Gong exercise is a very simple non-aggressive exercise that helps the patients to cope with the side effects of fatigue and weakness.

v  Artistic means: The use of artistic means is another way of dealing with crises situations, such as cancer. This tool helps in bringing up content from the subconscious and allows breaking through communication barriers due to language limitations.


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