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Pulmonology Institute

The pulmonary array at the Barzilai medical center includes two institutes:

  • The pulmonology institute  
  • The center for diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis


Head of the Pulmonology Institute and the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis     

Dr. Wand Uri

 [email protected]   


Head Nurse

Ben Chamou Osnat


Medical Secretary

Dahan Yarin

Grigorayiv Karin


In charge of the Clinic

Amoyal Chanan


Administrative Clerk and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Moshayiv Ronit

 972-8-6745466      [email protected]


 of the Pulmonary Institute   972-8-6745465



Outpatient Clinic 5th Floor


Senior Physicians

Dr. Braslovsky Anna – Head of the Invasive Pulmonology Unit

Dr. Rozov Alexander – Head of the Internal Medicine Department H

Dr. Alqa'id  Ihssan

Dr. Tzenter Philip

Prof Ben Dov Yssasschar – Senior Consultant


Nurse Staff of the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis

Chaymovich Osnat

Ytschaky Ina                                 

Rabi'yi Adva

 972-8-6745028   972-8-6745473


Pulmonary Devices and Research Coordinator

Aroush Eynat


Pulmonary Function Tests Technicians

Abraham Ytschaky  Rivka

Drobitsky Marina

Belalov Jenny

Balta Klav

Amos Shira


Sleep Disorders Technician

Kolaly Yosef


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Bikovsky Chassidi Chany


Services of the Pulmonary Institute


  • Pulmonary consultation for all the departments of the medical center.
  • Pulmonary daycare for mild exacerbations of obstructive pulmonary disease and biological drug treatment for acute asthma.
  • Treatment of patients with permanent tracheostomy (exchange of the tracheostomy tube and weaning of tracheostomy tube).
  • Adjustment of non-invasive respirators: BiPAP and CPAP.
  • Clinic for patients who are healing from coronavirus infection.
  • Ultrasound guided invasive procedures: biopsies and thoracocentesis.
  • Bronchoscopy for lavage, endobronchial biopsy, transbronchial biopsy under X-ray screening, cryobiopsy.
  • Endobronchial ultrasonography.
  • Fine needle biopsy of the lung.


Respiratory Physiology

  •  Simple and expanded respiratory functions tests including diffusion test
  • Challenge breath tests (methacholine and physical stress).
  • Stress test
  • Nocturnal oximetry
  • Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide Testing (FENO test)


Services of the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis


The center for diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis is a unique center in Israel that is incorporated with the pulmonary institute of the Barzilai medical center. The mission of the center is to eradicate tuberculosis by diagnosing active and latent infection, treatment and follow up patients with active TB and patients cured from TB. The center works under the supervision of the Ministry of Health with remarkable success.


Mantoux (subcutaneous) test is performed on days Sunday, Monday and Thursday between 08:00-10:00. The patient must return to the institute after 3 days for test reading (measurement of the red papule at the injection site).


Academic Activity


♦ Lecturing at the Ben Gurion university school of medicine and the Sakler School of medicine in Tel Aviv.

♦ Lecturing to the medical students and the school of nursing at the Barzilai medical center.


Activity in the Community


♦ Lectures for school students and the elderly on complications of smoking and quitting smoking.

♦ Quitting smoking courses

♦ Inhaler use

♦ Instructions for patients on non-invasive respirators at home.


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