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Nephrology Institute – The Shyla and Aric Samson Center for Nephrology and Hypertension

Head of the Shyla and Aric Samson Nephrology Institute and Hypertension

Dr. Levi Yeyna Naomi


Head Nurse

Golinsky Liat


Social Worker

Machloof Sara



Greenman Orly



Rochild Elionora


Senior Physicians

Dr. Wechsler Alexander – Head of the Dialysis Unit

Dr. Levadev Larissa – Head of the Peritoneal Dialysis Unit

Dr. Levy Vardi Ronen

Prof Yagil Yoram – Hypertension Clinic


Deputy Head Nurse

Lerman Gerta                        

Dubinsky Yelena



Sofer Ronit



 [email protected]



Main internal road in front of the outpatient clinics building


Hemodialysis Unit                                                      Woman sitting in chair on hemodialysis therapy.  Hemodialysis equipment machine for treatment renal diseases failure. Cleansing and transfusion of blood through dialysis machine. Flat vector



The Renewed Shyla and Aric Samson Center for Nephrology and Hypertension



The team of the nephrology unit serves the hospital departments and the community of Ashkelon and the surrounding areas. We give consultations for all renal diseases and control of hypertension, and offer dialysis to patients with end stage renal disease.

The medical staff of the nephrology institute run the hemodialysis unit at the Barzilai medical center, and in addition, they are responsible for the community dialysis centers in the cities of Ashkelon, Ashdod and Kiryat Gat.

End stage renal failure is treated by hemodialysis and in certain cases by peritoneal dialysis. Patients who need hemodialysis undergo arterio-venous shunt procedure, and usually remain for observation of one day in the hospital before being released. Peritoneal dialysis is performed by insertion of dialysis catheter into the peritoneal cavity.


Hypertension is one of most important risk factors and it is called the silent killer. Prof Yagil runs the hypertension clinic and is involved in research on hypertension, diabetes and renal disease. Prof Yagil is also the head of the Center of the Israel Rat Genome for research on the genetics of hypertension.





The nephrology staff is involved in basic research on the genetic basis of complicated diseases, including kidney diseases, diabetes and hypertension. In addition, the medical staff is involved in many national and international researches on new drugs for treatment of diabetic nephropathy, IgA nephropathy, autosomal polycystic kidney and others.


Research team

Vardiman Noa'h – in charge of clinical research

Cahana Irena – clinical research coordinator

Agronovich Irena – in charge of the zoo-technical laboratory


Outpatient clinics

Nephrology and hypertension clinic

Pre-dialysis clinic

Lipid clinic

Diabetes and nephrology clinic


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