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Department of pharmacy and clinical pharmacology

Head of the Pharmaceutical Division

Magister Aflaloo Shachar

 [email protected]         


Deputy Head of the Pharmaceutical Division

Magister Abu Sa'aylik Mouhammad

[email protected]



Ijack Dandy




Procurement Secretary

Gahassi Edna




Building No 400 - Main corridor of - ward No 405




  Procurement and delivery of drugs to the departments.

  Preparation of special drugs for intravenous delivery, like cytotoxic drugs, parenteral nutrition and other intravenous sterile preparations.

  Control of the drug inventory in each medical department, unit and clinic.

  Clinical consultations for drug interactions.

  Control of cytotoxic drug prescription and dosage before delivery to the oncology institute.

  Membership in the Research Institutional Review Board of the medical center.

  Control, storage and delivery of investigational drugs.

  Membership in the infection control committee of the medical center.

  Compliance with the strict standards of quality of the Joint Commission International.

  Drug supply for patients under the responsibility of the ministry of defense (soldiers injured during war, accidents).


Academic Activity

The pharmaceutical division at the Barzilai medical center is recognized for internship of pharmacists by the Israel Ministry of Health and the School of Pharmacy at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.


Research Activity and Publications


¯  Process measures of an antimicrobial stewardship program.

¯  Cytotoxic drug waste: Impact on pharmacy budget.

¯  Prevention of dialysis catheter complication with a new antibacterial lock solution.

¯  Clinical efficacy and economic benefits of continuous infusion piperacillin-tazobactam vs intermittent infusion in the intensive care unit patients.

¯  Is unit dose distribution n hospitals the most efficient method?

¯  How to reduce drug loss and cost in the operating room.

¯  An optimization model to reduce t-PA expenditure in stroke events.

¯  Improvement of drug safety through control of pharmacist interventions.

¯  Control of antimicrobial drugs: Steps for success.



«  The staff of the pharmaceutical division at the Barzilai medical center gained the third place during the "Annual competition of the public service for improvement teams" for research on "paradigm of lowering cost of drugs in the operating theatre".

«  The staff gained the Prize of the General Director of the Ministry of Health for developing the logistic system: "The Sherlock system– Logistic and clinical pharmaceutical services".

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