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Department of Clinical Nutrition and Diet

Head of Clinical Nutrition and Diet Department

Ofer Shiri



Nursing School – House No 3


 972-8-6663818    [email protected]    


Clinical Nutritionists and Dieticians

Drechsler Edna

Greenman Orly

Dolguich-Maza Maria

Ditshi Esti

Peretz Noa'a

Monossevich-Weizman Alina

Kachlon Mor

Galinger Anna

Kozantsov Yelena

Elbaz Nofit

Filtzevich Shir

Jerbi Chen

Segal Neta'

Batish Tal




The department of clinical nutrition and diet is responsible for the nutritional treatment of all the hospitalized patients and part of the ambulatory patients.

The program of nutrition is an important part of the multiprofessional treatment of the patients, and is directed to improve the nutritional status of the patient, health parameters and quality of life. The program includes:

  • Identification of patients at nutritional risk
  • Assessment of nutritional needs
  • Building a specified intervention nutritional program the meets the medical needs of the patient
  • Directing the patient and his family in order to implement the program inside and outside the hospital.


Moreover, the staff of the clinical nutrition and diet department is involved in health promoting programs in the community through lectures and conferences for the citizens.


The staff conducts regular food satisfaction surveys for the hospitalized patients in order to improve the quality of meals served.


Nutritional consultation for the outpatient clinics: 


v  Clinic for inflammatory bowel disease

v  Pediatric diabetes clinic

v  Rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation clinic

v  Bariatric clinic

v  Nephrology and dialysis clinic

v  Pediatric gastroenterology clinic

v  Oncology institute



Academic Activity

  • Educating and training students of the school of nutrition.
  • Lectures for the school of nursing
  • Participation in local conferences, presentation of research and meetings of the professional Israel nutritionists association.
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