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Occupational Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation

Head of the Institute for Occupational therapy and Hand Rehabilitation

Dr. Ziv Efrat – PhD


Deputy Head of the Institute for Occupational therapy and Hand Rehabilitation

Kerber Vered


Coordinator of Physical Therapy      

Bukay Nirit



Hallenberg rehabilitation center – West entrance of the hospital


Working Hours

Sun-Thurs 08:00-15:00






Diverse professional teams work at the institute. The aim is to treat the functional and cognitive disability in order to reach as much as possible independence in most of the daily activities, and to minimize as much as possible dependence during the main occupation of the patient.

Patients come for treatment from the community and from the ministry of defense, and some are transferred from the hospital departments.


The program of rehabilitation is tailored for each patient according to his primary occupation and his previous daily functioning. Thus, patients after neurological event receive specified program after motor and cognitive evaluation; patients after traumatic injuries, limb amputations receive different rehabilitative program, and so on.


The institute for hand rehabilitation is one of the most recognized institutes in Israel. Attention is focused on the skin tissue, tendons, muscles, nerves and bones. Multi-professional personnel collaborate to reach the best achievement for the special patient. After discharge, the staff of the institute forwards all the information to the HMO rehabilitation team in order to maintain the sequence schedule of treatment.


Academic Activity

♦The institute is recognized for full training of students of physiotherapy.

♦The staff of the institute holds professional conferences.


Outreaching Activities

♦Seminars for the community physiotherapists.

♦Seminars for the caregivers responsible for the soldiers and other defense forces.

♦Monthly meetings with the HMO caregivers and physiotherapist.


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