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Department of Social Work

Head of the Department of Social Work

Kawfer Chany – MSW

[email protected]                       


Deputy Head of the department of social work

Ovadya Tal – psychiatric patients

Moshe Ronit – patients from the General HMO


Team Chief

Ilooz Bat-Sheva' – Cooperator of the elderly and the vulnerable at high risk



Cohen Ilanit

[email protected]

 972-8-6745333    972-8-6745267  



Building No 423


Working Hours

Sun-Thurs 08:00-16:00




The department of social work serves the hospitalized patients including the psychiatric department, and the psychiatric patients treated at the hospital psychiatric clinic. The unique integration of the medical center with the Health Bureau in Ashkelon allows deep involvement of the social workers of the hospital in the continuity of treatment in the community, especially for the elderly and the psychiatric patients.

The social workers play very important role during mass events and war. They are the first persons to meet the families of the injured and the victims. They have to make the final identification of the unidentified patients, inform the family about their condition, accompany the families to visit the patients, and thereafter see after the families during the hospitalization period.


Referral to the department of social work may come from the medical department, after a request from the family and sometimes from community. The model of intervention is based on biopsychosocial assessment, and the integration of multiple professionals. The intervention may be for a short period but it may be for the long. The intervention could be individual, couple or familial therapy, and sometimes group therapy. The intervention focuses on crisis intervention, enforcement and supporting the patient's environment, problem solving, preparation for release in order to keep the sequence of treatment in the community, and to make sure that the patient's rights are fulfilled.


Special Actions


♦Supporting patients of chronic dialysis, oncology and neurology to achieve their social rights.

♦Responsibility for nominating legal guardian for the disabled patient for emergency procedures that need patient consent.

♦Application for the rights of the hospitalized senior citizens.

♦Application for the rights of the holocaust survivors.

♦Committee for legal interruption of pregnancy.

♦Intervention for transferring patients to rehabilitation centers.

♦Intervention for transferring patients to nursing homes.

♦Identification and taking care of victims of domestic violence.

♦Identification and taking care of the under-aged and the elderly at risk.

♦Identification and taking care of victims of sexual attack and rape.

♦Group support for the medical teams.

♦Group support for the patient and family.

♦Individual and group support for the victims of civil insurrection.


Academic Activity

♦The staff teaches students from the University of Social Work.

♦The staff train interns of social work programs.

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