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The Shaked Educational Center




The Shaked educational center is a unique service of the Barzilai Medical Center, which offers the hospitalized children a learning environment specially for those who need long period of in-hospital treatment.

The Shaked educational center works under the supervision of the ministry of education and culture, southern region, and it is open for all the children from the different departments of the hospital.


Director of the center

Yosefy Mina



Gozal Debby


Staff of the center

Ben Ezri Liat - deputy director and coordinator of the educational program at the psychiatric daycare  

Vinshelbaum Rima - coordinator of the educational program at the classroom near the pediatric department

Shwartz Sarita - school advisor



Ben Shmuel Limor



        972-8-6763281             [email protected]     [email protected]



Building 200 second floor


Working hours

Service of education and therapy: Sun-Thu 08:00-15:35  Fri 08:00-11:45



Psychiatric daycare for children and youth : The unit for the child and young

                                                                    Sun-Thu 08:00-15:35

                                                               During summer and holidays 08:00-13:15



Psychiatric daycare for youth 18-21 years:  Sun and Mon 09:00-11:00 at the psychiatric department


Main areas of activity

The Shaked educational center is composed of several educational areas around the Barzilai medical center. The educational staff has been accredited for special education and this accreditation allows the staff to provide the child and his family customized tools especially for him. Moreover, the staff develops educational initiatives and tools to upgrade the ways of lecturing.

The provided educational services are given according to the law of special education for the sick child 2001. This center has been defined as a center for health promotion and accept children of all religions without any differentiation.


Our Belief

Our concept is based on the humane approach. Accordingly, the staff work is based on psycho-pedagogical principles that stands on in-depth conversation with the child and his family in order to define his needs and give him tailored professional response.

The staff allows the child and his family to understand the state of malady as a part of the life and as a factor for growing. The health of the child can be complete if he receives resolution of his different needs: physiological, emotional, and mental, under the same roof while keeping the educational and functional sequence of his normal activities and most important to let him achieve his personal potential while receiving full cooperation of his family and the educational staff.

The staff builds a tailored program for each child and urges him to action and performance. The work of the staff is done per child and in small groups according to the child's condition and performance.


Program of Study

The program is interesting, creative, tailored and challenging such as: lessons in photography, robotics, music, arts, education for health and life skills. There are also lectures on road safety, activities in special feasts and lessons about computers. All these offer the child better response, decision making and choice, and prepare him for smooth integration when he returns to his school and his community.


The psychiatric daycare

At the beginning, the child will get full diagnosis of his functional and learning capabilities and the points that need to be emphasized. Accordingly, a specific educational and therapeutic program will be built. This framework allow the child to pass the final examinations of the ministry of education. During this period, the staff will check his vital signs and perform some blood tests. In order to relieve his fear, we built a program including a video so that the child will get acquainted with the different machines and blood test.


Interaction with the community

Continuous coordination of the medical and educational staff with the educational staff of the child's school is important and specially before releasing him from the hospital. The staff builds personally tailored program for integration in his school while performing continuous evaluation and control processes.


Education for the hospitalized children

Beside the medical treatment, the Shaked staff will offer the hospitalized child a framework for continuing his school lessons while processing the experience of the hospital.  







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