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Hallenberg Center for Rehabilitation

The Hallenberg center for rehabilitation was opened on July 2019. It is located near the west entrance of the Barzilai medical center.


Head of the Hallenberg Rehabilitation Center

Dr. Warshavsky Michael


Administrative Manager

Moyal Shimon


Reception Desk     

972-8-6663600  972-8-6663666

 for sending referral letters 972-50-5044360

 [email protected]



The Hallenberg rehabilitation center is a complex of many rehabilitation departments and units that includes:

  • An inpatient department where patients from different departments are transferred for rehabilitation. Few patients come from the community. The length of stay in the department depends on the rate of the patient progress.
  • An ambulatory rehabilitation center for the ambulatory patients. Patients spend few hours in the center and receive multiple therapies from different teams, according to a personalized program.  


The services provided at the Hallenberg rehabilitation center are:

Cardiac rehabilitation

Respiratory rehabilitation

Hand rehabilitation

General physiotherapy

Occupational therapy

Therapeutic pool

Chinese Medicine


 בריכה טיפולית           מערך הפיזיותרפיה                 מחלקת השיקום

Therapeutic Pool                       Physiotherapy Array                       Inpatient Rehabilitation




ריפוי בעיסוק והשירות לשיקום היד               שיקום לב ומניעת מחלות לב                שיקום ריאות


Occupational Therapy                  Cardiac Rehabilitation                 Respiratory Rehabilitation

and Hand Rehabilitation



רפואה סינית במרכז שיקום


Chinese Medicine



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