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Access for the handicapped visitor

The Barzilai Medical Center invests considerable efforts to ensure accessibility of the handicapped visitor to the various facilities at the hospital.

The entrances to the hospital building have wide and lowered courses.

Entrance doors to all the departments are wide.

Toilets for the handicapped visitor have special signs on the doors, and the doors to the toilets are  wide for wheelchairs.

Elevators have wide doors and wide interiors.

A dedicated area has been assigned for unloading the handicapped next to the Dialysis and the Hemato-Oncology Institutes.

The entrance to the Oncology Institute is wide and lowered and soon the repair of the internal access road will be completed.

The entrance to the Dental Clinic for High Risk patients is lowered and wide.

Access to the cafeteria has been adapted for those on wheelchairs.

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