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Barzilai Medical Center Website

 Barzilai Medical Center Website
Advanced reconstructive methods of maxillofacial trauma at the Barzilai medical center
New advanced methods for reconstruction of maxillofacial injuries were applied to treat victims of terroristic attacks.
for the sake of the abductees and their families.
Support assembly of the Barzilai medical center employees for the sake of the abductees and their families.

Prime minister Natanyahoo visit in the intensive care unit.
He heard from the warriors about the intense battles that they conducted, about their injuries,
A story of devotion
Esty decided that her place should be in the emergency department to help the staff.

Tattoo of solidarity
The team of the nurses of the emergency department decided, all together, that the best way to commemorate that day was by a tattoo
Australian actor Nathaniel (Nate) Buzolic v
Australian actor Nathaniel (Nate) Buzolic visited Barzilai Medical Center.
In recent days, Mr. Buzzolik came to Israel and has been involved in international advocacy by creating supportive videos
“dough offering” for the protection of the IDF soldiers
“And I who prayed to you God, for your willingness God, with your vast grace, truly answer my call for help”.
Treatment and evacuation drill in mass casualty event
חיים חדשים  בברזילי
In spite of the difficulties after the awful and the criminal attack on Netiv Ha'assara, Maya came back to her lovable second home - the delivery room at the Barzilai medical center.

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