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Barzilai Medical Center Website

 Barzilai Medical Center Website
Israeli Forces will never aim at a hospital
The shipping company MSC stands beside the Barzilai medical center
Human chain of solidarity
The Barzilai medical center has been at the front since the outbreak of the war and is operating under emergency situation. The employees of the Barzilai medical center created a human chain with the Israeli flag as a gesture of solidarity and reinforcement.
Am Israel Hay !!!

First lifesaving neurosurgical procedure in Barzilai
Yesterday, while absorbing victims of the terror attacks on Ashkelon, a 6 years old boy was brought to the emergency department with a severe head injury after falling from a scooter. He suffered severe convulsions and a severe life threatening intracranial hemorrhage was diagnosed.
President of Israel at the Barzilai medical center
President Herzog was deeply impressed from the organized work of the hospital
Israel nurses go beyond the call of duty even as their kin suffer
Dr.Gilly Givati stated that the hospital staff relentlessly kept treating the patients when their own family members were under attack.
Ashkelon's Barzilai Medical Center was struck rock
Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon was hit directly Wednesday afternoon by a rocket fired from Gaza.
The maternity department has been transferred to shielded space
Due to the war state, the maternity department has been transferred to a shielded space in the new fully protected surgical building on floor -2. It is here to note that some of the delivery rooms in the delivery department are fully protected.
Iron sword operation- Admission of injured patients
Since the beginning of the war. 703 injured patients with different degrees of injuries were transferred to the Barzilai medical center. Some of the patients were discharged after treatment, some were transferred to other medical centers after life saving procedures and for further treatment. 21 injured are still in the different departments of the hospital.

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