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Minister of defence knesset member Yoav Galant at the Barzilai medical center

Tuesday December 19th, 2023

The minister of defense, knesset member, Yoav Galant, payed a visit to the Barzilai medical center and talked to the injured soldiers who are still resting in the hospital. Some of the soldiers are in very serious conditions. Prof Levy Hezi, the CEO and head of the Barzilai medical center, and the Mayor of Ashkelon, Mr. Tomer Glam, joined him during his visit.




Prof Levy thanked the minister for his visit and for his concern about the injured soldiers. He also appreciated his willingness to help the hospital in completing the protection of the departments and building a new helipad.

Moreover, Prof Levy thanked the Mayor of Ashkelon, the minister of health and the CEO of the ministry of health for their concern and help.




Tomer Glam, Mayor of Ashkelon, said that the citizens of Ashkelon, the great heroes of Ashkelon, are giving full back up to the army and the defense forces in order to fulfill all their missions : defeating Hamass, releasing all the hostages including Abra Mangisso and Alex Lubov, citizens of Ashkelon, and restoring peace and security to the whole area and specially Ashkelon. Our hearts are with the families of the martyrs and we wish rapid convalescence to all the injured.


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