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Dr. Matslyah Dikla chosen to light the beacon of medicine on Mount Hertzel

Written by Ayelet Keydar – Spokesman of the Barzilai Medical Center


On October 7, 2023, Dr. Matslyah ran between the emergency shock unit, the operating room and the department during 48 hours to treat dozens of wounded citizens and soldiers who were brought to the Barzilai medical center.   


Two weeks later, she was called to join the military engineering unit on the north border of Israel for 3 months. Then after, she was transferred for one month to Khan Younis in Gazza district, and from there she was transferred to Genin for two more months.


Dr. Matzlyah treated wounded soldiers and civilians with various degrees of injuries, mild to very serious, as the sole regimental physician of the area.


It is so touching and symbolic. Dr. Matslyah represents the resurrection. An Israeli female physician, once dressed with the Barzilai uniform and once dressed with the military uniform as a combat physician during the war in Gazza district.

A great proud and glory to the Barzilai medical center, to the army and to the state of Israel.

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