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Anesthesia, Operating Theatres and Recovery Department

Head of the Department    

Dr. Dovdovani Jacob
 [email protected]

Head of the Operating Theatre and Recovery Department

Dr. Kristal Claudio

[email protected]  


Head Nurse of the Operating Theatre

Butrashvilli Manana


Deputy Head Nurse of the Operating Theatre

Chitov Svetlana


Administrative Operator

Biniamini Nurit



Derbotsky Sigal



Building No 200 1st floor Elevators 23-25

972-8-6745291                972-8-6745110


Head Nurse of the Recovery Department

Paskal Fania



Close to the operating theatre



Senior physicians

Dr. Shmorak Yafim

Dr. Samolianski Uri

Dr. Taube Hosse

Dr. Shalman Michael



The Operating theatre is one of the high expressions of the medical profession, nursing and technology. The environment in the operating rooms is known to be very dynamic and complicated.

The activity of the nursing staff is very important for the safety of the patients. The medical and the nursing staff is required to keep high standards of safety during the procedures. This is the reason that the nursing staff must be very professional and highly trained in the fields of surgery and anesthesia.

The other staff that cannot be dispensed with is the para-medical personnel: medical technicians, household workers and other health professionals. The timing of the presence of these para-medical personnel is very important for the perfect performance of the surgery.

Active monitoring of the activity of the operating rooms by internal and external control measures is very important for the quality and safety of the patients.


The Recovery Department

Important role of the whole operating theatre is the recovery department. Patients are monitored after the operation for their vital signs and signs of deterioration or complications. All the nurses who work in this department are graduates of intensive care course. Senior and junior anesthesiologist are available 24 hours if any change happens to the patient. The stay of the patient in the recovery department depends on the type of the operation, his medical condition and the probability of complications. The decision to transfer the patient back to his department is made by the surgeon and the anesthesiologist.

The recovery department is a sterile area and only one visitor is allowed to be beside the patient for a short time.

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