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Delivery Department

חדר לידהHead of the Gynecology and obstetrics array

Prof Anteby Ayal


Head of Delivery Department

Dr. Ivshin Ela


Head Nurse

Ben Zev Re'ut



Main corridor near the mother and newborn department


Nurse station 

 972-8-6663787    972-8-6745937





Cesarean section appointment

 972-8-6745248 - between 08:00-15:00


The new delivery department contains 11 private delivery rooms and another fully protected section with 3 rooms and obstetric emergency room. Highly experienced and professional nurse run the delivery department. Each pregnant woman is connected to a fetal pulse monitor and uterine contraction monitor along with a central monitoring station that can be watched from each delivery room. Any extreme change in the fetal pulse or uterus contraction will activate the alarm systems. In each delivery room.

Each pregnant woman is examined first in the obstetric emergency unit and following assessment the physician decides to send the pregnant woman home, keep her in the hospital for follow up or transfer her to the delivery room.

A professional nurse is appointed to take care of each pregnant woman on every shift and is capable to apply non-medical methods to ameliorate the pain like reiki, seating ball, candles, and aromatic oils. The pregnant woman can choose also an epidural block to stop the pain during the delivery of the baby. A professional anesthesiologist will perform the procedure. The husband may stay beside his wife during the labor.

According to her decision, the medical staff can allow her to deliver the baby without any analgesia.

The delivery department is located close to the neonatal intensive care unit to enable rapid transfer of the newborn.

Adjacent to the delivery room is an operating room dedicated for cesarean sections, whether urgent or elective, and for other interventions like inspection of the uterus for residual placenta. After delivery, the mother is transferred to the maternity department or, in case of complications, to the recovery room or to intensive care unit.


The head of the obstetric and gynecological array is updated about the number of cesarean sections in the hospital, which is similar to the average number of cesarean sections in Israel.


The nursing staff conducts regular tours for the pregnant women who intend to have their birth in the hospital. During these tours, the pregnant women get full explanation about the whole procedure starting from the registration and through all the steps of the delivery. The tours are conducted at 18:00 every Thursday. For more information, call 972-8-6745327.
















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