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Internal Medicine A

Head of Internal Medicine Department

Dr. Goltsman Boris – Specialized in internal medicine and intensive care


Head Nurse

Tahor Lass Marina                                     


Senior Physicians

Dr. Tsiba Yvguenia – Internal medicine and Head of infectious diseases unit

Dr. Yassin Ahmad


Nurse station

972-8-6745682  972-8-6663025 

Fax 972-8-6687872



Ben Hamo Eden

Tel 972-8-6663414



Building No 100 – 2nd floor


Visit hours




Information to family




We take care of many cases with different system diseases like the respiratory system, urinary system, heart, infectious diseases, neurological system, gastrointestinal, toxicology, immune diseases and malignant disease. The intention of hospitalization is to diagnose the patient problem and give the specific treatment so that he can return to his basic state. Many patients will need diagnostic tests like laboratory tests, radiology and, sometimes, invasive procedures.

The senior physicians in the department are specialized in infectious diseases, liver diseases and diabetes and many times are called for consultations in other departments.

The department is recognized by the Israeli Medical Council for full residency in internal medicine and it is affiliated to the faculty of medicine of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Students receive lectures and medical training from the senior physicians of the department and interns get their specialization license after 5 years of residency in the department. Medical students from abroad integrate with the staff for a limited period.

The physicians at the internal medicine A are involved in many researches, local and international, especially research on drugs, diabetes, liver diseases and hypertension.


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