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Guide for the Patient and the Visitor

Guide for the Patient and the Visitor

Guide for the Patient and the Visitor




Family members and guests wishing to visit patients are requested to respect visiting hours and rest hours of the patients, as they appear in each department. Visits of family members and other visitors conclude at the latest by 21:00 during the months of the summer-time clock and in the winter months at 20:00.

One visitor may remain at the bedside of the patient with special approval of the head of the department. The head nurse of the department will issue the approval.

Visitors are requested to obey the instructions of the nurses in charge and the security personnel.

Medical Information Concerning Patients


Hospitalized patients  are requested to state, on their hospital admission forms upon admittance, the names of people authorized to receive medical information regarding their condition. Providing medical information concerning those hospitalized is in accordance with the Patient’s Rights Law and exclusively to those people authorized by the patient.

Signs stating the hours of providing information about patients appear in every department next to the nurses’ station.

Any patient requesting to prevent disclosure of his hospitalization at the center must do so upon admittance and to the head nurse of the department.

Meals for the Hospitalized Patients

Meals for the hospitalized patients are served in accordance with the dietary restrictions of each and every person.

Breakfast is served at 08:00.

Lunch is served at 12:00.

Dinner is served between 17:00-18:00.

The religious public may order Badatz Kosher meals. Please contact the head nurse of the department.

In addition, it is possible to contact the rabbi in charge of religious matters and community relations:

Rabbi Shlomo Peled: 972-54-8448179, 972-53-7678813

During Passover, it is forbidden to bring any food that is not kosher for passover to the hospital.


The administration of the Barzilai Medical Center recommends that ambulatory patients admitted to the hospital do not bring valuables and money with them. In cases of urgent hospitalization, it is recommended to leave the valuables and money with family members for safekeeping. For patients brought for emrgencies without an escort to the hospital, it is recommended to deposit the valuables in the admission office safe. Further details can be obtained from the head nurse.

False teeth should be stored in a special box in the medical department.

The hospital is not responsible for the loss of valuables that were not deposited with the admissions office.

Cable Television Services

Any patient may rent bedside cable television services. For further details please contact the Mediphone desk near the Information Booth directly or by internal telephone 8088, or ask the head nurse who will order the company technician for you.

Cable televison services are not available in the intensive care units and in the recovery rooms after surgery.

Accessibility for the handicapped patient 


The Barzilai Medical Center invests considerable efforts to ensure accessibility of the handicapped to the various facilities at the hospital.

The entrances to the Hospitalization Building have wide and lowered courses.

Entrance doors to all hospitalization departments are wide.

Doors to the toilets and showers in the hospitalization departments are wide.

The beds in the hospitalization departments and the stretchers in the Emergency Room are of the High-Low type and can be adjusted to the height of the wheelchair.

Elevators have wide doors and wide interiors.

A dedicated area has been assigned for unloading the handicapped next to the Dialysis and the Hemato-Oncology Institutes.

The entrance to the Oncology Institute is wide and lowered and soon the repair of the internal access road will be completed.

The entrance to the Dental Clinic for High Risk patients is lowered and wide.

Access to the cafeteria has been adapted for those in wheelchairs.

Representatives of the Health Management Organizations (HMOs) at the Barzilai Medical center:

Any query regarding payment undertakings for hospitalization, visits to outpatient clinics and consultation and guidance prior to discharge can be forwarded during the morning hours to the liaison nurse of the HMO to which the patient belongs.

Liaison nurse of Clalit Health Services - internal telephone: 28806, 5159, 5501.

Liaison nurse of Maccabi Health Services - internal telephone: 5358, Maccabi 28804

Liaison nurse of Leumit Health Management Organization - internal telephone: 8442

Meuchedet 28805.

Public toilets


There are public toilets for the benefit of the visitors on all the floors of the hospital, adjacent to the cafeterias, next to the information booth, in the emergency department waiting area, in the waiting area of the operating room and in the outpatient clinics building. Most of the toilets are adapted for wheelchair access.

The public is requested to maintain the cleanliness of the toilets
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