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To volunteer at the Barzilai medical center

Dear volunteer


We thank you and congratulate you for your interest in volunteering at the Barzilai medical center.


The Barzilai medical center is dedicated to keep contact with the community. 

The array of the volunteers is the central and leading basis in the field of volunteering in the hospital.

The array is responsible for the process of locating, recruiting, absorbing, assigning and retaining the volunteers.

The array is responsible for matching as exactly as possible between the needs of the medical center, the skill of the volunteers and the satisfaction of the patients.

There are many fields for volunteering at the Barzilai medical center. All of them are intended to assist the medical staff and the patients.

We believe that volunteering has a supreme social value, and promise to offer you a sense of satisfaction and added benefit in the field of volunteering.


Please contact the volunteering coordinator Na'eem Inbar

  972-52-6771244          [email protected]


To leave details and registration click here

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